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About AYDT

Since 1996 American Youth Dance Theater has been Manhattan’s leading provider of children’s dance classes for kids. We’re now thrilled to offer our exciting programs in Washington Heights!

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Our History

American Youth Dance Theater was established in 1996 by accomplished professional dancer and native New Yorker Natalia Alonzo-Brillante. The school has since undergone three expansions and continues to grow as NYC’s favorite dance school for kids. Our inclusive and motivational dance classes have allowed children of all backgrounds and levels of ability to discover the joy of self-expression.

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Our Vision

Our teaching philosophy promotes learning in a positive, developmentally sound environment with lots of individual attention. AYDT’s personal approach to teaching dance helps each student who is willing to learn, reach their highest potential. All our dance classes for children and teens allow students to feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments. They are encouraged to aspire towards their own personal goals in a manner which celebrates the individual and promotes self-esteem and positive body image.

A professional & understanding approach to teaching dance - at all levels